Bushen Ningxin, Huatan anshen. For the disharmony between the heart and kidney and phlegm amnesia, in no mind, forgetful: backache leg soft, dizziness, palpitation, dreaminess, anorexia and Shao Mei
Bleeding fast, effective, bleeding wound bleeding within 2min; topical, do not enter the blood system, no significant adverse reactions, no embolism; long-term, repeated and high doses had no significant adverse reactions, toxic side effects, no stimulation sex; the promotion of epithelial tissue cell mitosis, helps repair tissue, accelerate wound healing
Good taste, organic zinc, absorption, bioavailability, no significant gastrointestinal reactions, safe, Ingredient This product contains zinc gluconate per 35 mg (equivalent to 5 mg of zinc), Accessories for sucrose, oral glucose, lactic acid, malic acid
This product is an anti - anaerobic bacterium. For the adjuvant treatment of oral inflammation caused by anaerobic bacteria infection, gingivitis, periodontitis and pericoronitis.
[Ingredients] the main ingredients of levofloxacin mesylate, [Properties] This product is white to light yellow crystalline powder, or white to pale yellow lumps or loose powder, Indications This product is suitable for the following sensitive bacteria caused moderate to severe infection
For the treatment of zinc deficiency caused by malnutrition, anorexia, pica, oral ulcer, acne, child growth retardation